Columbia/Adair County, KY is the launching point of a new NATIONAL INTERNATIONAL Bicycle Friendly Campaign

LWC Coach Dave Grigsby
photo courtesy of ColumbiaMagazine.Com

Within days of first announcing (11/08/2011) that the "Bicycle Friendly" decals have arrived, Lindsey Wilson Cycling Coach Dave Grigsby has received calls, text messages, and emails from all over the USA asking how to get the stickers. 500 Decals sent out to 12 states in 10 days

The stickers are the brainchild of Columbia Rotary Club President and cycling enthusiast Jerry Holt. They were roughly designed by Lindsey Wilson Cycling Coach Dave Grigsby and refined by Venus Popplewell in the Communications Department at Lindsey Wilson College.

"The idea came from some of the people who live along one of our bike routes," said LWC cycling coach Dave Grigsby. "They came to us and said, 'We really enjoy having you ride by, and we want to come up with a way to let the cyclists know that if they need assistance - such as water or a phone - they could stop in and ask us.' We were really touched by this idea, so we came up with the idea of creating a decal for them to display."

This is the first program in Kentucky designed to help cyclists identify places where they can receive help during an emergency, according to Grigsby.

The vinyl decals are to be placed on mailboxes, windows, and places of business to let passing cyclists (both local and visiting) know that they are welcome to stop and ask for water, a phone, or other emergency assistance.

"Our hope is that the idea will catch on in communities all over the country and become a recognized symbol for cyclists and those who appreciate cycling," Coach Grigsby said. (Based on the amount of response that the Coach has received so far, it looks like it will.)

The decals are available from Lindsey Wilson Cycling Coach Dave Grigsby, phone 606-524-8808

The decals have been showing up on store windows and mailboxes throughout Columbia and Adair County.

To watch a short video with Coach Grigsby explaining the decals

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This “Bicycle Friendly” program is NOT associated with the Bicycle Friendly programs from the League of American Bicyclists.